3DQuickPress 6.3.3 for SolidWorks 2011-2022

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3DQuickPress is a SOLIDWORKS add-on for progressive die design. Powerful unfold for imported part, user-friendly strip layout manager, automatic die set design, and production-ready-libraries make 3DQuickPress the best user experience in stamping tool design.

3DQuickPress is our 3D solution integrated with SOLIDWORKS for the progressive die industry. The 2D approach has dominated the design of progressive dies over the last century. Benefits in using 3D cannot drive the industry to change their design tool due to the drawback of performance and long learning curve in 3D design. 3DQuickPress aims for ultimate performance, ease of use, and a short learning curve to enable tooling engineers to use the power of 3D design. 3DQuickPress provides solutions ranging from blanking development to strip layout design and die set structure design. The powerful Strip Layout Manager provides intuitive tools to iterate your design simply by dragging and dropping with instant graphic feedback. Once strip layout design is finished, cutting punches, bending punches, and inserts are created automatically as well as the die plate opening with clearance. 3DQuickPress is the key to getting tremendous benefits from 3D modeling. Key functions of 3DQuickPress include: unfolding, strip layout design, automatic punch generation, automatic like parts recognition for accurate Bill of materials (BOM), standard component library, die set library, automatic die plate holes generation, and powerful sketch tools

Download 3DQuickPress 6.3.3

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