ANSYS Electronics Suite 2022 R1

Download ANSYS Electronics Suite 2022 R1

ANSYS Electronics Suite

Electromagnetic, Signal Integrity, Thermal and Electro-Mechanical Simulation Solutions

The use of Ansys Electronics solution suite minimizes the testing costs, ensures regulatory compliance, improves reliability and drastically reduces your product development time. All this while helping you build the best-in-class and cutting-edge products. Leverage the simulation capability from Ansys to solve the most critical aspects of your designs

ANSYS Electronics help you solve any electromagnetic, temperature, SI, PI, parasitic, cabling and vibration challenges

Ansys 2021 delivers groundbreaking enhancements in the electronics suite:

  • Ansys HFSS Mesh Fusion enables simulation of large, never before possible electromagnetic systems with efficiency and scalability.
  • Encrypted 3D components supported in HFSS 3D Layout for PCBs, IC packages and IC designs enable suppliers to share detailed 3D component designs for creating highly accurate simulations.
  • Ansys Maxwell leverages cyclic repeatability by slice-only solving within cyclically repeated non-planar radial boundary conditions, including auto-extraction of full-model outputs.
  • Ability to output transient electromagnetic forces from Maxwell into Ansys Motion. This extends EM interaction to rigid body dynamics and enhances the overall noise-vibration solution.
  • Ansys EMA3D Cable generates S-parameter models of cables with all electromagnetic effects. Bringing in cable harness definition enables mesh and real-world simulations within a full vehicle structure. 
  • Ansys Mechanical Thermal solver is now available inside AEDT for a streamlined workflow, linking EM designs from HFSS, Maxwell and Ansys Q3D for quick thermal insight.
  • Ansys SIwave’s new wizard provides an automated workflow to improve setup time required for PCB designs with DDR

Download ANSYS Electronics Suite 2022 R1

Download ANSYS Electronics Suite 2022 R1

Download ANSYS Electronics Suite 2021 R2 x64

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