Artemis Modal Pro v6.0.2.0

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Artemis Modal Pro

The flag ship of ARTeMIS Modal is the Pro version. In addition to all features and tasks of the Basic and Standard versions, this version has up to five different time domain methods for Operational Modal Analysis.

The methods are all of the very fast en efficient Crystal Clear Stochastic Subspace Identification (CC-SSI) type. These methods estimate the modal parameters directly from the measured time series, and some methods even estimate the uncertainties of the modal parameters.

This version also includes effective peak reduction techniques, that can be used for pre-processing of the measurements. It can effectively remove selected peaks that can be e-g. servere harmonic peaks caused by the presence of rotating components during measurements of a structure.

The pro version seamlessly integrates with the Direct Hardware Control and Experimental Modal Analysis plugins. It also integrates with the Structural Health Monitoring plugins for Damage Detection, Modal Parameter History tracking and Interstory Drift Analysis. An Automatic File Upload plugin is also available. With this plugin, files being dumped in a designated folder will automatically be uploaded and processed by the software. In this way, modal parameter estimation and damage detection can be performed automatically with user interaction.

Download Artemis Modal Pro v6.0

Download Artemis Modal Pro v6

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