Download ATLAS.ti 8.4.24 Government License (windows / MacOS)

Download ATLAS.ti 8.4.24 Government License

ATLAS.ti 8

ATLAS.ti 8 is highly intuitive and easier to learn and use than any other QDA program–including older versions of ATLAS.ti.

For our latest offering, we listened closely to our users’ needs and wishes, and have focused especially on a maximum degree of usability. ATLAS.ti 8’s completely revamped interface has been designed to follow rigorous priciples of function-oriented usability. It employs a logical ribbon structure, context menus and keyboard shortcuts to make your work flow as ergonomic as possible.

Shortcomings of older versions have been eliminated, and much requested new functionality has been added. Most notably, unlimited Undo/Redo is now possible with every aspect of the program. Full native Unicode support lets you work with material in any language and character set. An easy-to-use search tool performs fine-grained searches on every level of your project. Simultaneous work with multiple data sources supports new comparative approaches.

ATLAS.ti 8 is easy to learn. Many formerly convoluted processes have been radically simplified. The focus is on getting results quickly and efficiently.

ATLAS.ti 8 is powerful and innovative. Stylish network visualizations serve both the analytical process and provide excellent presentation tools. Importing surveys, data from Twitter as well as from your favorite reference manager is a breeze.

ATLAS.ti 8 comes with with the future built-in. Completely rewritten and based on the latest technology, ATLAS.ti 8 allows for rapid, modular expansion. So expect to see previously unthinkable new possibilities in the coming months and years as ATLAS.ti 8 continues to grow by design.

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Download ATLAS.ti 8.4.24 Government License


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