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Autodesk ReCap Pro

What is ReCap Pro?

Use ReCap Pro 3D scanning software to create 3D models from imported photographs and laser scans. Deliver a point cloud or mesh in support of BIM processes. Collaborate across teams with design based on reality.

ReCap Pro + InfraWorks + Civil 3D: Infrastructure design supporting BIM workflows with ReCap

ReCap Pro + Revit: Export ReCap Pro reality capture data into Revit to create 3D building models

Project navigation – Compare the scan view (RealView) and overhead map view side-by-side

Set coordinates & orientation – Use the compass widget to set the XY axis for the user coordinate system in the overhead view

3D photo reconstruction accuracy – Use high-precision GPS technology to avoid costly prep work in setting ground control points and get survey-grade accuracy from photo reconstruction.

Ortho image resolution – Generate high-resolution ortho images for large and small sites.

Faster processing – Experience faster import of scans up to 20% by leveraging multicore processors.

More accurate UCS setting – Change the User Coordinate System (UCS) origin and orientation and manually enter accurate values for coordinates.

System requirements

Download Autodesk ReCap Pro 2020 – 2022

Download Autodesk ReCap Pro 2020 – 2022 x64

password extract file: 2020

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