Cadence IC Design Virtuoso 06.17.700 + Spectre 20.10.068

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Cadence IC Design Virtuoso

The Cadence Virtuoso System Design Platform is a holistic, system-based solution that provides the functionality to drive simulation and LVS-clean layout of ICs and packages from a single schematic. There are two key flows: implementation and analysis.

The implementation flow is used to create an IC package schematic in Virtuoso Schematic Editor and then transfer the schematic data to Cadence SiP Layout to layout the physical design. In addition, this flow offers the capability to generate and verify library parts, output a bill of materials (BOM), and perform layout versus schematic (LVS) checking.

The analysis flow is used to extract and simulate any portion of the system (IC-package-PCB) regardless of the layout design status. Moreover, this flow offers the capability to automatically generate schematics for the PCB and IC package layouts, bind the instances of the IC package to the IC schematic or models, and build testbenches to simulate the system using the Virtuoso ADE Product Suite plus Spectre® Multi-Mode Simulation interface. Cadence Sigrity™ models extracted from the PCB and IC package layouts get automatically stitched into the generated schematic.

Cadence Spectre

The Cadence Spectre Simulation Platform contains multiple solvers to allow a designer to move easily and seamlessly between circuit-, block-, and system-level simulation tasks. The foundation of the platform is a unified set of technologies shared by all of the SPICE engines—the parser, device models, Verilog-A behavioral modeling, input data formats, output data formats, etc.—thereby guaranteeing consistent and accurate evaluation methods regardless of the simulator selected.

Spectre Simulation Engines

  • Spectre X Simulator solves large-scale verification simulation challenges with up to 10X speed and 5X capacity improvements as well as scalable and massively parallel simulation for cloud computing
  • Spectre FX Simulator provides high-performance and large capacity FastSPICE simulation needed for verifying functionality, timing, and power for the largest advanced-node memory and SoC designs
  • Spectre AMS Designer, Cadence’s mixed-signal, mixed-language, mixed-level, functional, behavioral, gate-level, and transistor-level simulator, is used in conjunction with Cadence Xcelium™ Logic Simulation

Spectre Simulation Options

  • The Spectre X-RF Option provides accurate and fast simulation for RFIC circuits and includes periodic steady-state, small-signal, and noise analyses along with harmonic balance (HB) analysis capabilities to maximize performance without loss in accuracy. Taking advantage of the Spectre X architecture, HB analysis can be distributed to multiple cores to power through the simulation task faster
  • The Spectre CPU Accelerator Option enables multi-thread simulation for transient and periodic steady-state analysis, extremely useful for verification of parasitic back-annotated designs across multiple CPUs
  • The Spectre Power Option provides dedicated transistor-level electromigration and IR drop (EM-IR) analysis that can be used on the command line or within the front-to-back flow, leveraging the Cadence Voltus™-Fi Custom Power Integrity Solution
  • Part of the Cadence Safety Solution providing fast fault injection and simulation to accelerate the functional safety closure of analog/mixed-signal designs

Download Cadence IC Design Virtuoso 06.17 + Spectre 20.10.068

Download Cadence IC Design Virtuoso 06.17 + Spectre 20.10.068

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