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CMG develops market-leading reservoir simulation software, which is recognized worldwide
as the industry standard for advanced recovery processes.

CMG’s superior technology continues to break new ground for capabilities — simulating the simple to the most advanced recovery processes through a combination of easy-to-use model building workflows, state-of-the-art Performance Enhancement Technology and cross-disciplinary multi-physics (e.g. thermal effects, geochemistry, geomechanics, fluid and phase behavior, wellbore hydraulics and completions) required to accurately model recovery processes.

CMG CMOST – Intelligent Optimization & Analysis Tool
A powerful Sensitivity Analysis, History Matching, Optimization and Uncertainty tool to maximize recovery and NPV from all types of reservoirs and recovery processes.

CMG IMEX – Black Oil & Unconventional Simulator
Model primary and secondary recovery techniques for conventional and unconventional oil/gas reservoirs; use quick and easy workflows to confidently create forecasts.

CMG CoFlow – Reservoir & Production
System Modelling Software
Multi-fidelity, multi-disciplinary and collaborative modelling environment for making informed decisions on large integrated oil and gas projects.

CMG Results – Post-Processor: Visualization & Analysis
State-of-the-art visualization & analysis capabilities provides insight into reservoir characteristics, recovery processes and reservoir performance.

CMG GEM – Compositional & Unconventional Simulator
World’s leading reservoir simulation software for compositional and unconventional reservoir modelling.

CMG STARS – Thermal & Advanced Processes Simulator
Accurately model the physics of all in-situ recovery processes – thermal, chemical or other advanced EOR techniques – to maximize the value and production from an asset.

CMG Builder – Pre-Processor: Simulation Model Building
Interactive, intuitive and easy-to-use interface enables quick and efficient design and preparation of simulation models for all CMG simulators.

CMG WinProp – Fluid Property Characterization Tool
Create tuned fluid property descriptions for CMG simulators and black oil fluid property data for third-party reservoir simulation software.

Download CMG SUITE 2015

Download CMG SUITE 2015

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