TWI CrackWise 6.0 R44569

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[email protected]® fitness-for-service (FFS) software adopted by engineers. Designed to assist you with the evaluation of the integrity of pipelines, pressure equipment and structures containing flaws in line with BS 7910.

[email protected] ensures that you continue to operate safely, while reducing the potential cost of outages and other unforeseen problems.

Programme features

  • Automation of BS7910 – the widely-accepted flaw assessment procedure.
  • Fully compatible and traceable – to the fracture and fatigue clauses of BS 7910.
  • Extensively validated software – developed under TickITplus.
  • Latest advances – in fracture assessment techniques incorporated.
  • Includes a PDF – of the current edition of BS 7910.
  • User-friendly interface – intuitive to existing and new users.

Download TWI [email protected] 6.0

Download [email protected] 6.0

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