S.T.A DATA 3Muri (TreMuri) Pro 13.1.0

3Muri Pro 13 free download

S.T.A DATA 3Muri

3Muri – The leader software in masonry structures analysis

S.T.A. DATA was founded in 1983 by Adriano Castagnone, civil and structural engineer since 1978, and pioneer of scientific software for structural engineering.

3Muri is the name of a specialized software for static and load analysis of building structures, which is made for civil engineers. The power of this software is its modern and innovative computational method that is able to provide more accurate information in the field of analysis of the actual behavior of structures and seismic activities. 3Muri has a visual and graphical user interface and is quite easy for engineers to use

Download S.T.A DATA 3Muri Pro 13

Download S.T.A DATA 3Muri Pro 13

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another version costs 58 eur (if needed please contact us)