Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel Business Edition 2021.5

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Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel

Ablebits, The toolset includes 60+ professional tools that cover over 300 use cases: merge tables and combine worksheets, find and remove duplicates, concatenate and split strings, trim spaces and clean data, compare two sheets for matches and differences, built custom-tailored formulas, and a lot more! Whatever task you are faced with, you’ll find the tool to accomplish it quickly and flawlessly.

Key features

  • Pull matching data from another table
  • Add missing rows or columns to the main table
  • Join several cells keeping all data
  • Combine or aggregate rows by duplicate values
  • Consolidate and summarize worksheets
  • Copy several sheets into one
  • Create VLOOKUP formulas as an Excel expert
  • Use INDEX/MATCH when VLOOKUP is inutile

Download Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel 2021

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