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Citavi 6.6 Now Available

Citavi is one of the top resource and reference management software that allows students, professors and researchers to create, edit and manage their research resources, collection of articles and dissertations. Citavi is a product of the Swiss company Swiss Academic and is a software development called LiteRat.

Citavi is more professional and efficient than software such as Endnote, and after version 3, English was added to the program, a wider range of users turned to the software.

Features and characteristics of Citavi

– Professional and creative user interface with full guidance during work

– Has a preview section for direct viewing of input documents such as text and PDF, image, video, web pages and…

– Ability to monitor and search in more than 4000 different online and offline sources

– Ability to compare and match the existing reference with the new input

– Has different modes of importing and adding resources, including;

– Manual method in the form of 35 standards

– Auto mode by entering features such as ISBN number or DOI or PubMed and…

– The method of scanning or scanning the ISBN barcode by devices with this feature, such as a variety of smartphones

– Online and using the Picker plugin in common browsers

– Insert one or more PDF files and set them as the source

– Input resources from databases of similar software such as EndNote and RefWorks

– Ability to output for common reference management software

– Receive full text of newspaper and magazine articles

– Identify and remove duplicate and similar sources

– Ability to convert web pages to PDF files

– Reviewing and correcting spelling and grammar problems of resource content

– Ability to use as a group in the Team version

Download Swiss Academic Citavi

download Citavi

Download Swiss Academic Citavi


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