Download Eriksson Culvert 5.9.2

Download Eriksson Culvert 5.9.2 full

Eriksson Culvert

Eriksson Culvert is the most advanced engineering software for precast and cast-in-place box culverts, seamlessly combining the functionality of a state-of-the-art structural analysis engine with fully automatic design and analysis capabilities. Integration of the critical design tasks into one system means you get superior productivity and flexibility with improved quality control.

In auto design mode, Eriksson Culvert quickly analyzes and designs wall thicknesses and reinforcement sizes and spacing. A comprehensive reinforcement schedule containing rebar and mesh is produced, complete with all bar dimensions and bends. LRFD, Standard, AREMA, and CHBDC specifications are supported, as well as, both US customary and metric units.

The highly graphical user interface provides multiple views to render the design and present the results. Complete details of the design along with detailed calculations are provided. Powerful graphics show all reinforcement rendered in true 3D and a user-customizable truck library is included in the sophisticated live load capabilities.

Key Features

  • Auto-designs reinforced box culverts
  • Supports multiple specifications (LRFD, Standard, AREMA, CHBDC)
  • Ability to pre-set analysis options for specific governing agencies
  • Multiple culvert types (box, 3 sided, type 1, type 2, multi-cell)
  • Advanced moving load analysis
  • Vertical box design
  • Inverted three-sided design
  • Added a ‘Ratings Summary’ and ‘Reinforcement Summary’ tabs for easier results navigation
  • Option to apply additional horizontal or vertical surcharge loads
  • New detailing options, including shear steel in the walls
  • Multi-tab printing

New in Eriksson Culvert 5.9.2

  • Updated interface
  • Type I culverts
  • Type II culverts
  • Buoyancy check
  • Internal pressure head
  • External water pressure
  • Additional detailing options
  • Seismic analysis
  • AASHTOWare connectivity

Download Eriksson Culvert 5.9.2 full

Download Eriksson Culvert 5.9.2 full

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Download Eriksson Culvert 5.9.2 full
Download Eriksson Culvert 5.9.2 full