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Download Etap 18 full license


etap – DIGITAL TWIN, A Unified Digital Twin Platform.

ETAP Digital Twin is a unified engineering and real time platform used to model, design, visualize, analyze, predict, control and provide insight on management and performance of electrical power systems.

ETAP Digital Twin goes beyond an integrated engineering analysis tool to provide an active blueprint of the electrical system that offers automated rule-based design, model-driven predictive analysis, co-simulation platform, operator training simulation hub, combined with real-time analytics, asset performance monitoring, intelligent controls and more.

Design Twin

  • Network Modeling & Management
  • System Analysis & Planning
  • Rule-Based Design
  • Visualization & Result Analyzers

Operation Twin

  • Model-Driven Monitoring
  • Operational Awareness
  • Predictive Simulation
  • Real-Time Analytics

Automation Twin

  • Situational Intelligence
  • Advanced Optimization
  • Proactive Action
  • Intelligent Control

Download Etap 18 full license

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Download Etap 18 full license


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