Download Exchange server 2016 kèm key active miễn phí

Download Exchange server 2016 kèm key active miễn phí

Exchange server 2016

Exchange server 2016 là một ứng dụng mail server của microsoft, các bạn có thể tải về miễn phí exchange server 2016 tại đây kèm theo key active

Download Exchange server 2016 kèm key active miễn phí

system requirements exchange server 2016

Microsoft claims that companies can install Exchange Server 2016 on a 30 GB system partition, but that won’t support the OS alone, especially if you plan to update it over the years. In practice, admins should have at least 100 GB for the system partition running an Exchange application. Otherwise the databases will end up on a separate disk.

Exchange Server 2016 also requires 8 GB of RAM for the mailbox role and 4 GB for the Edge Transport role; it must run on Windows Server 2012 or later. Microsoft has some guidance available on sizing CPU. Users are probably looking at a bare minimum of 2 cores running at least 2 GHz each.

Exchange 2016 hardware requirements and design

Microsoft still does not recommend virtualization. In practice, there’s no real issue with running Exchange in a virtualized environment where the storage runs on top of Network File System.  A rather large number of systems administrators have been doing this for years without issue. However, Microsoft does not certify or support this.

If official support is required, look to the Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program. You should also check out Microsoft’s Exchange 2016 system requirements page. And check that your hardware or hypervisor vendor will support your environment, so you don’t have to rely on Microsoft.

Download Exchange server 2016 kèm key active miễn phí

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