Interactive Petrophysics ( IP ) 2019 v4.6.1.1

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 IP – Interactive Petrophysics

IP (Interactive Petrophysics) is a fast, scalable software solution for Geoscientists tasked with maximising the value of subsurface data. Using IP this analysis can be done with an interactive interface, which enhances efficiency and productivity for Geoscientists. The software is now owned by Lloyd’s Register

IP has sophisticated interpretation tools within an intuitive interface, to help you maximise the value of your subsurface data. Its efficient workflows and robust analytical functions promote productivity, rapid analysis and confident decision-making.

With pinpoint precision, IP hands you full control of your well data analysis and is the most mathematically accurate petrophysical analysis tool on the market. Its pre-built roadmaps help speed geomechanics and formation evaluation, with endless user customisation options.

IP’s flexible, open storage ingests all data types with no need to re-format. Tackle tough-to-analyse NMR log data, multi-mineral formations, organic shales and thin beds. Apply rock-solid analytical techniques like stochastic and probabilistic modeling along with class-leading uncertainty analysis. Create synthetic seismograms that connect well logs to seismic data.

Download IP – Interactive Petrophysics 2019

Download IP 2019 v4.6.2019.29606 (v4.6.1.1)

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IP 2019