Download MEscope 20.0 full

Download MEscope 20.0 full


MEscope Visual Engineering

analysis software is a product of Vibrant Technology. ODS, which stands for O perating D eflection S hape, is a term used to analyze the vibrational pattern caused by the operation of a machine or structure on its own. Using technology similar to that used in robotic insights and self-driving vehicles to detect moving objects, MEscope is able to accurately measure surface vibrations from a high-speed recorded video. In fact, using the waveform time (time waveforms) or the frequency spectrum of the MEscope of the extracted image file, the vibration can be fully documented.

Using various tools in this software, you can process these time waveforms or frequency spectra and use them to create colored ODS animations to display the intensity of vibration in different places. It is also possible to store this information, along with video files and ODSs in an archived database. This program is compatible with any high-speed camera that can save video files in MP4 format (even mobile phones). Of course, keep in mind that the FPS (frames per second) of the camera must be at least twice the frequency you intend to get from the video file analysis.

Features and specifications of MEscope software:

  • Eliminate camera shake and background noise and flashing light
  • Improve video brightness and contrast
  • Making reciprocating ODS animations from time waveforms
  • Making sine ODS animations from the February spectrum
  • Control the speed and amplitude of the animation
  • Large display, phase, direction vectors and shaded colors in ODS video

Download MEscope 20.0 full

Download MEscope 20.0 full

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MEscope 20.0 full