Download Rillsoft Project 8.0 Build 587

Download Rillsoft Project 8.0 Build 587

Rillsoft Project

Solutions from project management software 

for engineering office

  • Display graphically the project workflow at different levels as a Gantt chart
  • Obtain the information about date deviations in variance analysis at any time point
  • Import/export from/to MS Project
  • Export of project schedule to Excel and print it as a PDF file in any format, e.g. A1

for Machine-building enterprise

  • In case of incoming orders, a preplanning should be carried out in order to be able to offer the customers a real delivery date.
  • Within this preplanning, the project managers carry out the detailed planning and update it.
  • The available resources should be entered in the software and assigned to the tasks.
  • Different daily working hours (on Mondays-Thursdays 8,5 hours and on Fridays only 6 hours).
  • At some projects it should be worked on weekends.
  • The usage should be visible not only totally but also for separate areas.
  • Different orders should be managed at the same time.

for Medium-sized companies

  • A central and professional project management based on a database
  • Capacity and management resource planning should be cross-project
  • Be Internet-enabled. Users from different locations can use the project portfolio management software to plan and share information
  • Project offers should be grouped together with on-going projects to flexible portfolios
  • Be multiuser available and provide simultaneous access to the resource pool and portfolio
  • The administrator should be able to determine what is visible and editable for specific employee
  • Offer link to Outlook, so that every employee gets his appointments registered in Outlook
  • Vacation scheduling with approval workflow
  • Time sheet and time recording

Download Rillsoft Project 8.0 Build 587

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Download Rillsoft Project 8.0 Build 587


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