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RISAConnection v11

RISAConnection – An Essential Tool for Steel Connection Design

Review and update connections using interactive 2D and 3D views. Visually select specific connection parts or dimensions to implement changes.

RISAConnection Specifications 

Modeling Features

  • Support for multiple imperial and metric unit systems
  • On-the-fly unit conversions
  • Instant synchronization between spreadsheets and graphics
  • Create new connections by copying existing
  • Unlimited Undo option
  • Modify dimensions interactively in 2D views
  • Organize multiple connections on a project within one file
  • One-click connection creation with pictures and descriptions
  • Automatic beam coping (web and flanges)
  • Group connections by type when transferring your end forces from RISA-3D & RISAFloor
  • Customizable loading and integrated loading with RISA-3D and RISAFloor

Graphics Features

  • 360° Rendered connection views
  • 2D shop drawing style views of every piece including dimensions
  • Dynamic zoom, pan, rotate and scroll
  • True to scale renderings
  • Color coding for each piece
  • Update dimensions directly on your drawing

Connection Types

  • Beam to Column Connections (web and flange)
  • Beam to Girder Connections
  • Clip Angle Shear Connection (both double and single)
  • End-Plate Shear Connection
  • Shear Tab Connection (conventional and extended)
  • End-Plate Moment Connection
  • Flange Plate Moment Connection
  • HSS Column Moment Connections
  • Custom Connection Labeling
  • Chevron Vertical Brace Connection
  • Diagonal Vertical Brace Connection
  • HSS Vertical Brace Connections: Slotted, Knife plate and End Tee
  • HSS “T” Connection
  • Beam End Plate Splice Connection
  • Beam Flange Plate Splice Connection
  • Column Shear Tab Splice Connection
  • Direct Weld Splice Connection
  • Direct Weld Beam to Column Moment Connection
  • Column Web & Flange Stiffener Design
  • Extended End Plate Moment Connection
  • Full Depth Shear Tab Connection
  • Base Plate Connection (WF, Tube, Pipe)
  • Brace into Base Plate Connection
  • Knee Brace (Kicker) Connection
  • Thin Plate Moment considerations per AISC Design Guide 16

Design & Analysis Features

  • Comprehensive calculations geared towards engineers
  • AISC 360-16/10/05 (15, 14 & 13th Edition): ASD & LRFD
  • AISC 341-10 Seismic Design
  • AISC 358-10 Seismic Design
  • CSA S16-14: LRFD
  • CSA S16-09: LRFD
  • Full library of AISC Wide Flange steel shapes
  • Both Instantaneous Center of Rotation and Elastic methods of bolt/weld analysis
  • Bolt hole deformation consideration
  • Instant results updates with input changes
  • Consideration of axial forces in both moment & shear connections

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Download RISAConnection 11.0.2

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