Download Schlumberger Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus 9.0 Build 18.20.0702.1

Download Schlumberger Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus 9.0

Hydro GeoAnalyst

Hydro GeoAnalyst (HGA) is our comprehensive and easy-to-use environmental data management system. HGA integrates customizable database structures used around the world with state-of-the-art tools for data interpretation, statistical analysis, Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping, data charting, and visualizations in two or three dimensions.

HGA gathers varied project data into one place to efficiently collect, manage, and report on critical important items over the lifetime of a project.

Waterloo Hydrogeologic proudly introduces a new edition of HGA called Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus (HGA+) which integrates the geochemistry features that have made AquaChem so successful into the data management and extensibility capabilities of HGA.

Environmental Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Software

Hydro GeoAnalyst is the all-in-one groundwater and environmental data management system that stores and organizes environmental data, and helps you quickly create comprehensive analytical results that are reliable and easy to understand.

With Hydro GeoAnalyst, environmental professionals, geoscientists and government agencies have all the tools required to effectively and efficiently manage large volumes of data, and make informed decisions about environmental and water resources.

Some typical applications for HGA include:

  • Regional Water Well Management
  • Contaminant site inventory
  • Environmental regulatory compliance
  • Borehole data interpretation and Geologic cross-section development
  • Mine process/compliance management
  • Environmental site assessment
  • Monitored natural attenuation
  • Regional aquifer characterization and management
  • Cross-boundary data sharing
  • Aquifer vulnerability mapping
  • Store and report landfill monitoring data

HGA consists of an application that connects to an SQL Server database and facilitates data management, analysis and interpretation, and collaboration through various purpose-built modules.  HGA helps you work with large volumes of environmental data without requiring in-depth knowledge of SQL.  HGA+ extends these capabilities by adding modules specifically designed to work with geochemical data and a console for use R to get even more out of your data.

What is new in Hydro GeoAnalyst 9.0

Hydro GeoAnalyst 9.0 is the latest release for our premium groundwater and environmental data management system. Hydro GeoAnalyst (HGA) organizes environmental data into a single repository with tools that enable users to quickly create reliable, analytical results that are comprehensive and easy to understand.

Introducing Our Premium Edition of Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus!

With this release, we are introducing a new premium edition called Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus (HGA+) which includes an integrated, powerful tool set to plot, analyze, and report on water quality and geochemical data. HGA+ combines the new geochemical analysis features available in HGA 9.0.

Download Schlumberger Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus 9.0 / GeoAnalyst 14

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Download Schlumberger Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus 9.0 Build 18.20.0702.1


Download Schlumberger Hydro GeoAnalyst 2014.2


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