Schlumberger OLGA 2021.1

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Schlumberger OLGA

The OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator models time-dependent behaviors, or transient flow, to maximize production potential. Transient modeling is an essential component for feasibility studies and field development design. Dynamic simulation is essential in deepwater and is used extensively in both offshore and onshore developments to investigate transient behavior in pipelines and wellbores.

Transient simulation with the OLGA simulator provides an added dimension to steady-state analyses by predicting system dynamics such as time-varying changes in flow rates, fluid compositions, temperature, solids deposition and operational changes.

From wellbore dynamics for any well completion to pipeline systems with all types of process equipment, the OLGA simulator provides an accurate prediction of key operational conditions involving transient flow.

The OLGA simulator enables key flow simulation applications, including

  • liquids handling
  • sizing separators and slug catchers
  • managing solids
  • simulating key operational procedures including start-up, shut-down, and pigging
  • modeling for contingency planning
  • assessing environmental risk in complex deepwater drilling environments.

Download Schlumberger OLGA 2021.1

Download Schlumberger OLGA 2021.1


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Schlumberger OLGA 2021.1