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Download Schlumberger Petrel 2017

Schlumberger Petrel 2017

Petrel là một bộ phần mềm dùng trong ngành công nghiệp dầu khí. Các chức năng của Petrel rất đa dạng, từ lập mô hình địa chất, minh giải tài liệu địa vật lý, liên kết giếng khoan, vẽ bản đồ cấu trúc, thiết kế giếng khoan, đánh giá rủi ro địa chất cho đến mô phỏng các vỉa chứa, tính toán trữ lượng, dự đoán khả năng khai thac,…

The Petrel platform provides deep science across the spectrum—from prestack processing to advanced reservoir modeling—to assisted history matching, and much more. Furthermore, the Ocean software development framework creates advantage by putting the industry’s best science inside the Petrel shared earth model

The Petrel platform data is liberated into the DELFI data ecosystem–you can access it from within DELFI-native applications and reap all the benefits of working in the DELFI environment.

  • Instant access to the latest software via a personalized workspace
  • More effective Petrel platform project management
  • Cloud-enabled high-performance computing to optimize workflow execution
  • Greater collaboration through instant and seamless sharing of data and projects between teams in different locations
  • Enhanced science through the power of analytics, cognitive science, and automation

The Petrel platform supports automated, repeatable workflows, to capture best practices and share them across the organization. New data is easily incorporated, keeping the subsurface live and current. Embedded cross-domain uncertainty analysis and optimization workflows enable straightforward testing of parameter sensitivity and scenario analysis.

The embedded Studio E&P knowledge platform improves productivity with multiuser database access and collaborative work sessions with team members across the enterprise. The Studio platform lets you capture more than just data—it allows you to store and share the knowledge of how a result was accomplished.

Download Schlumberger Petrel 2017

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Download Schlumberger Petrel 2017.4 free

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