Rational Acoustics Smaart v8.5.1.1 windows / macOS

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What is new in Smaart v8.5

IR Mode Enhancements

o IR Data Bar – mimics RT Mode Data Bar in form and function (Trace Info, Trace Color, nested folders, etc)
o Measure, view, and compare multiple IR measurements in the same plot
o IR Mode Plot Legend with “Sync Ld” function
o Decay Markers stored in Wave file – easily manipulate marker positions and re-save
o Improved STI calculations
o “All Bands” dialog now shows all bands by default, instead of just some bands
o New controls for manipulating IR Spectrograph
o Separate Command Bars for RT and IR Modes
o User-defined Filter option for IR Mode
o Improved IR highpass filter and added lowpass filter (access from IR Options)
o Banding can now be applied to IR Frequency and IR Spectrograph Plots – enable option from IR Options
o IR “Peak to Delay” now uses current filter (previously always used Broadband data’s peak)
o IR Options reworked to fit new controls
o IR Mode Plots now have independent Y axis panning
o Added Option to change IR Mode frequency-domain plot scales
o All Bands window position is now persistent
o Improved IR saddle point calculation

Sound Level Measurement Enhancements

o SPL History plot is now a drag-and-drop target for log files
o PDF SPL Reports – Generate Report now creates color PDFs
o Added “C-A” option for Leq measurements to Advanced Meter Config
o Alarm indicators are now always shown in SPL History, even if relevant metrics are hidden
o Alarm level lines are now hidden if no associated metric is shown in SPL History plot
o Added Alarm indicator hover text that shows the metric and timestamp
o “Exposure N” and “Exposure O” now calculate by default
o Added differential Exposure display below SPL History graph
o Logger now automatically starts a new log file after log file is 24 hours long
o If all calibrated inputs/devices are removed while logging is enabled, logging now stops
o Added right-click menu for opening file location to SPL log file path field in SPL History component
o Option to open email client at attach SPL Report after generating
o Added “No logging inputs available” to web browser page if nothing is available

And more

• Added new MTW+ option for Transfer Function measurements
• Added support for importing Transfer Function data from Meyer Sound SIM®1 3 .bin files via Import ASCII
• Import ASCII now supports Coherence data
• API – Added generic command mechanism for passing keypresses (hotkeys) to Smaart via the API
• Live IR is now always calculated even if the LIR plot is not visible
• Improved “Unwrap Phase” – now unwraps from specified frequency center, control located in the Phase plot
• Pseudorandom Noise now has a static seed (no longer re-seeded every time the Generator is started)
• Windows users – launching Smaart while it’s already open now calls the program to the top of the app stack
• Option to stop signal generator immediately after Capture/Capture All/Recapture/IR Capture
• Advanced Delay Finder – octave-filtered delay measurement with user-adjustable center frequency
• Single “Import Trace” function for importing all measurement types
• Trace Colorizer for assigning new random color to a selection of traces
• “Use Comma as Decimal Mark in Logs” setting now applies to all exported text files
• Quick access to Trace Info – press Enter key when trace is selected, Esc closes dialog
• Save As via Data Library now allows you to rename the trace (instead of only choosing a new directory)
• “New Tab” hotkey is now Alt+Shift+T
• “Gain Reporter” controls are now conditionally shown, only if Smaart I-O is connected
• “G” hotkey now works when Sig Gen Options is open
• Removed resize capability for Trace Info dialog

• Numerous bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed bug where SPL Alarms were no longer presenting in the web viewer
  • Fixed a bug where the legacy API was returning the wrong value when Smoothing was set to None
  • Fixed a bug where log files would include Max Level resets that occurred prior to the start of logging
  • Fixed a bug where Clips/Leq Resets were added to the beginning of a log file at the time that they occurred, even if they occurred before logging began
  • Fixed a bug where the Measurement Config (hammer/wrench) button didn’t work in IR Mode if there were no TF pairs configured
  • Fixed a bug where Coherence Blanking was using non-squared data even if the “Squared Coh” option was enabled
  • Fixed a bug where SPL History and PDF Report graphs didn’t match during Alarm events
  • Fixed a bug where TF averages using the Power option wouldn’t normalize properly if some of the contributing traces had data below the Mag Threshold level
  • Fixed a bug where the “Calibration Progress” dialog was re-sampling the “Measured Level” if the Offset field was edited
  • Fixes various crashes related to changing the sampling rate

Rational Acoustics Smaart v8.5.1.1 windows / macOS

Download Rational Acoustics Smaart v8.5.1.1 windows

Download Rational Acoustics Smaart v8.5.1.1 macOS

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