Download Synergy Homeopathic Software 1.0.5 full

Download Synergy Homeopathic Software 1.0.5 full

Synergy Homeopathic Software

Synergy Homeopathic Software, or SHS for short, is a comprehensive homeopathy software from Synergy that is designed to integrate and replace MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks software. With the help of this software, you no longer need to extract your research data from one software and enter it into another software to receive reports.

Synergy Homeopathic is a pioneering company in the field of homeopathy, renowned for its commitment to innovation and to the advancement of homeopathy internationally. Comprised of a core group of homeopaths, Synergy is dedicated to providing cutting edge tools, technology and training for homeopathic students, teachers and practitioners. We collaborate with world class masters of homeopathy to provide education that encompasses both classical and contemporary methods. Synergy is the only organization that brings together homeopathic software, courses at all levels, live seminars and recordings as well as mentoring on a single, integrated platform.

All the necessary tools, from searching huge libraries to receiving reports with an open and interactive interface, are all on one page. Many reports today contain new medical prescriptions or treatments added to old prescriptions, most of which are not traceable and therefore not validated; As a result, much of the new information is useless for clinical approaches.

The Reliable Repertory tool of this software is designed exactly to meet this need. With the help of its approved sources, you can be sure that every prescription and treatment is reliable and approved. With the help of the difference diagnosis tool of this program, you can put together and compare the drugs used in the two treatments (whether in the same book or in different books). It is also possible to tab (similar to Chrome tabs) to do multiple research simultaneously.

Features and characteristics of Synergy Homeopathic Software:

  • Easy research with access to massive libraries
  • Ability to view the source information of many treatments
  • validation of all treatment instructions with approved sources
  • Compare the therapies used in the instructions
  • Ability to perform multiple studies simultaneously using the Tab feature
  • ….

Download Synergy Homeopathic Software 1.0.5 full

Download Synergy Homeopathic Software 1.0.5

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Download Synergy Homeopathic Software 1.0.5
Download Synergy Homeopathic Software 1.0.5