Gaussian 16 C.01 AVX Linux/ 09W 9.5 Rev D.01 windows

Download Gaussian 16 C.01 AVX Linux/ 09W 9.5 Rev D.01 windows

Gaussian software

Gaussian is software for computational chemists. The first version of the program was released in 1970, but eventually became one of the most popular applications in computational chemistry. The program was developed by Professor John Popel and his research team at the University of Mellon. Professor Pople and his students have used the capabilities of this software to do good research in quantum chemistry and other fields, indicating the practical application of this product. 

Gaussian has many capabilities in modeling electronic structures, the Windows version of this software has the w extension (like 09w) and will also have the extension m for Mac-based PCs. A 32-bit version of the single CPU is also available as a lighter version to researchers with an IM extension such as 09IM. The Gaussian Windows version can run single-processor or multi-processor.

Features and Features of Gaussian Software:

  • Owning a large number of important and basic algorithms
  • Modeling a variety of topics related to computational chemistry
  • Geometry optimization and chemical reaction modeling
  • Vibration analysis
  • Applying different molecular properties
  • ONIOM calculations
  • Arousal analysis
  • Automatic optimization of vibrations or point energies
  • Comfortable switching of element isotopes and changing temperature and pressure characteristics
  • Simple definition of fragments and their molecular characteristics
  • Automatic optimization of transitional structures
  • Select and sort favorite normal modes during frequency calculation as well as save and read these modes
  • Recovers data from multiple checkpoint files for calculations
  • And …

Download Gaussian 16 C.01 AVX Linux/ 09W 9.5 Rev D.01 windows

Download Gaussian 16 C.01 AVX Linux

Download Gaussian 09W 9.5 Rev D.01 windows

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