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Smart IDE for iOS/macOS development

AppCode is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Swift, Objective-C, C, and C++ development built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA platform. The first public preview version of AppCode became available in April 2011. The latest stable release is shown next to Stable release and is available at JetBrains’ official web site. AppCode is built on IntelliJ IDEA platform, which is written in Java and Kotlin. Users can extend its abilities by installing plug-ins created for IntelliJ Platform, as well as they can write their own plug-ins

AppCode is 100% compatible and interoperable with Xcode, with no additional configuration required, and seamlessly integrates with CocoaPods, Reveal application, most popular version control systems and a number of issue trackers.

AppCode 2020.3 is here with Swift localization support, new inspections and intentions, SourceKit-based Go to Declaration, XCFrameworks support, improved refactorings, new debugger features, and more!

AppCode 2020.3 supports multiple trailing closure syntax, multi-pattern catch clauses, and other recent Swift 5.3 changes.

AppCode 2020.3 supports Code With Me – a new service from JetBrains for collaborative development and pair programming

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Download JetBrains AppCode 2020.3.4 MacOS


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