KBC Petro-SIM + SIM Reactor Suite 7.2 Build 3137

KBC Petro-SIM + SIM Reactor Suite 7.2 free download


Petro-SIM process simulation technology is more than just a leading software. It is also a thorough ‘decision support’ tool. Its unique open platform architecture promotes exceptional levels of integration and collaboration between project teams.

It allows date-based process simulations and scenarios to be fully developed, making it a uniquely effective predictive and analytical tool. It closes the loop between monitoring and planning, allowing for real-time comparisons of plans, actuals and simulations.

For upstream oil and gas, Petro-SIM is the only purpose-built process simulation software that can ensure facility processing capabilities meet long term reservoir needs.

In oil refining and petrochemicals, our Petro-SIM process simulation software works in tandem with our world-leading SIM Reactor Suite to create the only proven simulator capable of scaling from reactor units to entire facilities.

SIM Reactor Suite

SIM Reactor Suite is a leading refinery simulation software which carries out rigorous refinery and petrochemical reactor models. Working in tandem with Petro-SIM, these models are the industry’s most trusted analytical tools for conversion unit monitoring, planning, optimization and design and engineering studies. Our SIM Reactor Suite contains over 20 unit models that combine detailed, thorough kinetic reactor simulation with accurate and comprehensive product separation.

Download KBC Petro-SIM and the SIM Reactor Suite 7.2

Download KBC Petro-SIM and the SIM Reactor Suite 7.2

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