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Mimics Innovation Suite

If your goal is to improve patient care, the patient’s anatomy is the right place to start. Medical image data thus serves as a powerful basis for engineers and researchers striving for solutions that will lead to safer and more predictable patient outcomes. 

The Mimics Innovation Suite was designed to make using medical image data for engineering purposes as easy and rewarding as possible.

As the industry-standard medical image-based engineering software and service, MIS puts you in control with the most advanced tools to support your mission to improve patient care.

Why Mimics Innovation Suite?

Experience greater efficiency

Quickly learn the most effective way to achieve your R&D goals through a user-friendly software, online and classroom trainings, and the help of your Materialise application specialist.

Get the job done

Achieve reliable results, no matter the anatomical complexity, variation in pathology, or image quality, by relying on the most robust state-of-the-art toolbox that has been continuously improved for over 25 years.

Certify or publish with confidence

Comply with medical regulations and scientific publication standards with the most extensively certified software of its kind, used by leading hospitals, universities, and medical device companies, and referenced in over 14,000 peer-reviewed articles.

Fluently scale to clinical operations

Create an optimal customer experience with a cost-effective high volume clinical operation thanks to workflow automation, case management, and physician communication tools.

The Mimics Innovation Suite software toolbox allows you to import medical image data (DICOM) and segment the anatomy to create accurate 3D models.

Use the 3D models as the starting points for advanced 3D analysis, planning, personalized device design, finite element meshing, or 3D printing. 

MIS offers a wide range of tools for orthopedic, cranio-maxillofacial, cardiovascular, respiratory, and other clinical applications.

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