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With PaleoScan, the earth model is built while interpreting the seismic volume in a fully integrated 3D environment. It offers a complete range of tools and applications to work at exploration or development scale with an unprecedented level of resolution. Result are used for stratigraphic, structural and quantitative interpretation, from exploration to reservoir characterization.

Strengthen your seismic interpretation potential, integrate all available data and develop your creativity.
Running on Windows®, our platform offers a great panel of E&P workflows from basin-scale evaluation to prospect maturation. It includes our first-class automated horizon tracking step and the associated supervised Relative Geological Time model, and our fully automated fault extraction tool … just to quote a few!
Our intuitive interface coupled with an embedded cross-correlation tool dramatically increases your screening capacity, enables better predictions, and triggers early stage sweet spotting. In addition, powerful editing and visualizing tools help to refine the interpretation and perform real-time preview on the iterative Relative Geological Time model creation process.

Download PaleoScan 2021

Download PaleoScan 2021


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