PLAXIS 2D – 3D Ultimate / LE CONNECT Edition v21

Download PLAXIS 2D / 3D Ultimate / LE CONNECT Edition 21

What’s new in v21

PLAXIS 2D / 3D Ultimate

LAXIS 2D and PLAXIS 3D are new license types only available through new licenses sold from [Release date] onwards. This license type offers all the essential functionality to perform everyday geotechnical analysis in soil and rock which does not require the consideration of consolidation analysis, groundwater or thermal flow, creep, or other time-dependent effects.

PLAXIS 2D and 3D Ultimate offer everything from PLAXIS 2D and 3D Advanced along with functionality dealing with the most challenging geotechnical projects. It includes features to analyze the effects of vibrations in the soil, like earthquake and traffic loads, or time-dependent variation to water levels, model & soil boundaries to simulate complex hydrological conditions.

For PLAXIS 2D Ultimate, functionality is available to analyze the effects of time-dependent heat flow on both the hydraulic and the mechanical behavior of soils and structures.


PLAXIS LE can be used for projects involving engineering analysis of slope stability, groundwater flow, consolidation, or a combination of these complex scenarios. Take advantage of automated techniques, data management through to analysis workflows, and access to comprehensive analysis methods to find solutions. With PLAXIS LE, you can:

  • Design more efficiently
  • Save on construction costs
  • Meet design standards
  • Reduce risk to project timelines

PLAXIS 2D LE (formerly 2D SVSLOPE, 2D SVFLUX, 2D SVSOLID, SV SOILS, and SVSOILS Advanced) covers your 2D workflows.

PLAXIS 3D LE (formerly 2D/3D SVSLOPE, 2D/3D SVSLOPE Advanced, 2D/3D SVFLUX, 2D/3D SVSOLID, and 2D/3D SVSOLID Advanced) supports your 3D workflows.

Download PLAXIS 2D – 3D Ultimate / LE CONNECT Edition v21

Download PLAXIS 2D – 3D Ultimate / LE CONNECT Edition v21

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