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QuakeManager is a state-of-the-art integrated software for the management, analysis, selection and modification of earthquake ground motions and related waveforms.

QuakeManager provides users with integrated ground motion selection, modification and analysis tools, incorporating latest state-of-the-art techniques by ground motion researchers.

QuakeManager provides utilities for file management, import and export of data, unit conversion, and data visualization, which are seamlessly integrated into the user interface. By integrating those functionalities into one easy-to-use program, built around a powerful ground motion database manager, the process of ground motion selection, modification and analysis can be performed accurately and efficiently.

QuakeManager incorporates the two primary methods used in engineering practice: Amplitude Scaling and Spectral Matching. The software consists of multiple modules that are tightly integrated within a common user-interface which allows data to flow seamlessly between modules: QuakeSelect, QuakeMatch, QuakeLibrary, and QuakeSpec, with other modules that are under development.

Main Features

  • Ground Motion Database: Fully searchable and customizable
  • Optimized Ground Motion Suite Selection and Scaling
  • Powerful Spectral Matching: Tight and Mean Record Matching
  • Calculation of record spectra and intensity measures
  • Ground Motion Rotation and Modification7-16
  • US & International Code Compliant for GM Selection & Modification

Download QuakeManager Advanced 2.00

Download QuakeManager Advanced 2.00 x64


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Download QuakeManager Advanced 2.00 x64