CSI SAFE 2020 version

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SAFE integrates every aspect of the engineering design process in one easy and intuitive environment. SAFE provides unmatched productivity to the engineer with its truly unique combination of power, comprehensive capabilities, and ease-of-use

SAFE offers a single user interface to perform modeling, analysis, design and reporting. A new model explorer is available for quick access to objects, properties and forms.

SAFE is ideal for modeling foundations, basemats, and footings. Easily model soil supports and zero tension soil models with uplift analysis. The area assignment of soil supports is based on the subgrade modulus, and they automatically adjust whenever the mesh changes. Basemat foundation models can include pedestals, walls, columns, beams, and piles in addition to the foundation area.

Design strips are used to define how reinforcement requirements are to be calculated. SAFE can automatically define the strips for you, or you can define them yourself.

SAFE includes the ability to define post-tensioning in slabs, as banded or distributed tendons. An interactive tendon editor simplifies the task of laying out the tendon profiles. Tendon layouts can also be automated based on strip position and direction.

Download CSi SAFE 2020

Download CSI SAFE 2020

password: 2020

Download guide

install SAFE

see the readme file

install SAFE 2016

sử dụng file crack mới

đối với cách cũ Để active các bạn thực hiện như sau:

1. Quan trọng: Tắt antivirus

2. Chạy file csi_safe_2016_kg.exe với quyền administrator

3. Sau khi chạy file csi_safe_2016_kg.exe sẽ xuất hiện file Lservrc
Copy file “Lservrc” paste vào đường dẫn C:\Program Files (x86)\Computers and Structures\SAFE 2016

Tuy nhiên khi mở phần mềm lên sẽ nhận được thông báo lỗi license (#Unable to find a license) vì phần mềm chỉ có giấy phép sử dụng trước 8/2017 để khắc phục các bạn sử dụng tool runasdate