Schlumberger OilField Manager (OFM) 2019.1

Schlumberger OilField Manager (OFM) 2019

Schlumberger OFM

Schlumberger OilField Manager – OFM is provided by Schlumberger, one of the most powerful software developers in various engineering and technology applications. OFM, which stands for Schlumberger O il F ield M anager, is provided to oil engineers and is a comprehensive solution for day-to-day monitoring and management of oil and gas.

The software has a nice and user-friendly interface that allows you to view, edit and analyze the production and repository of data in the environment  Pay Windows . You also can  break down and analyze the major and / or complex for a  fee and or search several groups and all areas or areas of different  Do it .

Features of Schlumberger OFM

  • It has a very nice and advanced user interface
  • Basic or sophisticated analysis
  • Search among different groups
  • Supervision and management of oil and gas operations
  • View and edit the data repository
  • Production and data repository analysis
  • Models similar to the results of the common ground model
  • Find  the volume of production Information Operations and Event Field history
  • Economic project evaluation and forecasting
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of the views of the advanced manufacturing
  • Production forecasts with decreasing and curve type robust analysis
  • Analyze each asset and  view the  results using the standard
  • Use the library of off-the-shelf workflow templates

required system

Windows 7
2 GHz x86 or x64
Physical memory
2 GB of RAM
Hard disk space
1 GB

Download Schlumberger OilField Manager (OFM) 2019.1

Schlumberger OilField Manager (OFM) 2019.1

Schlumberger OilField Manager (OFM) 2018.1

Download Schlumberger OFM 2014.1


Download guide

install Schlumberger OFM

see the readme file

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