Siemens Simcenter Testlab 2021.1.0

Siemens Simcenter Testlab 2021 free download

Download Siemens Simcenter Testlab 2021.1.0

download Siemens Simcenter Testlab 2021, install Siemens Simcenter Testlab 2021

Download Simcenter Testlab 2021

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What’s new: Simcenter Testlab 2021.1

Simcenter Testlab Neo

Realize new levels of testing productivity through process and technology innovation in Simcenter Testlab Neo, including completed workbooks for acoustics, durability, signature processing, reporting and data sharing.

The task-driven user experience in Simcenter Testlab Neo is designed for the novice and the expert, with a fully customizable process designer speeds up analysis, multi-disciplinary analytics support, and the capability to embed simulation models as part of any process flow. It also offers display panels, as well as intuitive and interactive graphs accelerate results interpretation

Model-Based System Testing

Close the loop between test and simulation using faster simulation model validation through integrated model execution and simulation data processing with Model-Based System Testing (MBST).

Model-based system testing accelerates system testing at any development stage of the model-based development process. By integrating test and simulation in a single environment for product performance validation, the risks and costs of testing can be reduced, the productivity increased, and extra system insights can be gained.

Digital Image Correlation

Accelerate structural dynamics testing with Digital Image Correlation (DIC), a new technique for measuring full-field 3D displacements, strains and vibrations, bringing a paradigm shift in materials and structures testing

The fast development of digital camera technology in combination with high-performant DIC techniques is currently bringing a paradigm shift in this domain. Thanks to DIC, it is now possible to extract full-field 3D geometry, displacement and strain information, under any load and for almost any type of material, with limited instrumentation.

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