Stata/MP 17.0 x64 for Windows

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Stata/MP is the fastest and largest edition of Stata.

Almost every computer can take advantage of the advanced multiprocessing capabilities of Stata/MP. Stata/MP provides the most extensive multicore support of any statistics and data management package.

Stata/MP supports even larger datasets than Stata/SE. Stata/SE can analyze up to 2 billion observations. Stata/MP can analyze 10 to 20 billion observations on the largest computers currently available and is ready to analyze up to 1 trillion observations once computer hardware catches up. Stata/MP also allows 120,000 variables compared to 32,767 variables allowed by Stata/SE

 Max. no.
of variables
Max. no.
of independent
Max. no.
of observations
Stata/MP120,00065,53220 billion*
Stata/SE32,76710,9982.14 billion
Stata/BE2,0487982.14 billion

what is new in Stata MP 17

  • Tables
  • Bayesian econometrics
  • Interval-censored Cox model
  • Difference in differences (DID)
  • Bayesian VAR
  • Multivariate meta-analysis
  • Treatment-effects lasso
  • Panel-data multinomial logit
  • Zero-inflated ordered logit
  • Bayesian IRF and FEVD analysis
  • Bayesian dynamic forecasting
  • Do-file Editor enhancements
  • Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL)
  • Stata on Apple Silicon
  • JDBC
  • PyStata
  • Jupyter Notebook with Stata
  • Faster Stata
  • Bayesian multilevel modeling
  • New functions for dates and times
  • Leave-one-out meta-analysis
  • Galbraith plots
  • Bayesian panel-data models
  • Nonparametric tests for trend
  • Lasso with clustered data
  • BIC for lasso penalty selection
  • Bayesian linear and nonlinear DSGEs
  • H2O integration
  • Java integration

Download Stata MP 17.0 x64

Download Stata/MP 17.0 x64 for Windows

Download Stata/MP 16.0 for Windows


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install Stata MP 17

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt

  • Windows 10 *
  • Windows 8 *
  • Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 *

* Stata requires 64-bit Windows for x86-64 processors made by Intel® or AMD (Core i3 equivalent or better)

Memory: 4 GB

license information: Single-user 2-core network

expired: 20/08/2029

Stata MP 17