Tecplot RS 2021 R1 v2021.1.0.7806

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Tecplot RS

Tecplot RS helps you manage and analyze large amounts of reservoir simulation data, uncover knowledge about reservoir model behavior, and communicate your results to colleagues and management with professional images and animations.

Tecplot RS is specifically designed to streamline processes so that engineers get to their answers in just a few mouse clicks. Learn how to use “smart views” in Tecplot RS with these tutorials: Stamp Plot, History Match Bubble Plot and Recovery Map.

What’s New in Tecplot RS 2021 R1

Highlights of this Release:

  • Batch Export of multiple entities/variables – The export dialog has been revised to include the ability to export a sequence of variables or entities in batch. Users will also be able to export multiple timesteps or properties in 2D/3D Grid data. Note that exporting from the Plot Gallery dialog will still only export static images.
  • Display Matrix/Fracture Data together in RFT Plots – If matrix and fracture are included in an RFT file, both lines will now be displayed in an RFT plot.
  • Matrix Fracture Delta Grid Display – Users have the option of displaying a delta grid that calculates the difference between matrix and fracture.
  • Histogram and Cross Plot CSV export – Users can now export histograms and cross plots in CSV format directly from the histogram or cross plot details dialog.
  • See all updates in the Tecplot RS Release Notes »

Download Tecplot RS 2021

Download Tecplot RS 2021

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